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I am currently inclined to say no.

WWI naval should be in the WWI forum.
WWII air should be in the WWII forum.
sci-fi ‘naval’ should be in the sci-fi forum.
Modern naval should be in the modern forum.

I want to try and keep the actual genre/era/period the binding aspect of the forums rather than how we play that specific period/genre/etc call it what you will.

So the focus is on the setting rather on how we play that setting.

WWII would cover:
Land skirmish
Land skirmish 6mm
Land skirmish 15mm
Land skirmish 25mm
Land big battles
Land big battles 2mm
Land big battles 3mm
Land big battles 6mm
Land big battles 10mm
Land big battles 15mm
Land big battles 25mm
Air one on one dogfights
Air battle of Britain big battles

I understand the desire for some people to want to create a specific forum that appeals specifically to their favourite things, after all I did start the petition for a 6mm sci-fi board on TMP, so I do get where you are coming from.
I honestly do.

But I want to try and keep boards to a minimum, especially when there is a board that will suffice.
The WWII forum is not just for land; it is just that land battles are more popular so the majority of topics there are about that.

If we have a separate forum for naval and air, then you also have much less chance of converting the land players to your great ways, that and if on a separate forum they may even miss your posts altogether.

So for now, I say no and those are my reasons.
I hope you understand them even if you don’t agree with them.
I feel especially bad saying no to you DM as you are a person I know and have met and like (not that this means I don’t like the rest of you!) and you have been good to me over the last few weeks.

But I feel I must stay with my vision/plans and remain true to my motives for TWW.

Anyway, I expect a friendly ear bashing on Sunday from you DM about trying to change my mind!