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Rod Robertson

Juste Jacques:

AMX-25?!? C’est quoi ca? Humvee? Les petits camions Americans? Mais non, ca c’est un gros tas de conneries! Jack, your killing me with the kit you’re using! Go to GHQ and order some VBCI’s, some VAB’s  and some VBL’s and you will be set. It is an insult to France’s national honour that the Legion Etrangere would be reduced to using American kit. C’est tres degoutant, mon amie Americain. Tu dois fixer mainenant cette situation qui est tellement triste.  Zut Alors!




As to Louis-Louis perhaps his name should be Louie-Louie and then we could sing songs about him.

I was short of time so I rushed through your synopsis and have not read the full report on your blog yet. When I get the time to do so I will comment more intelligently (I hope!) but at first glance the game looked interesting. Why do you limit yourself to the 3′ X 3′ playing space all the time? Is it to force the closure of the infantry?

Rod Robertson.