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Hi Jeff,

I think the preservation of historical naval vessels is a problem throughout the developed world, where a public are interested in preserving for the nation, but governments and management bodies struggle to juggle the finances, contending with other equally or more pressing demands of the limited pot. It looks like its becoming an equally large problem protecting and preserving historical wrecks around the world from unscrupulous scrap metal reclaimers desecrating war-graves.

I sadly missed visiting the USS Constitution when I was in Boston, but I guess being on honeymoon might have influenced that decision, and I did get to show my wife around Gettysburg! What can I say, she knew she was marrying a wargamer from day one.

I hadn’t realised that Dewy’s Olympia was still around, which is interesting for me as I have visited Cartagena in Spain many times and the naval museum there together with the city monuments record the Spanish-American War which sparked an interest in that naval conflict that gets little coverage in the UK.

I am planning to partly redress my missing out on the Constitution with a visit, later this year, to Pearl Harbour, which I am sure will be an interesting and moving experience and at some stage in the next few years a return to the mainland US is on the cards to visit these places I still have to do, with a few AWI battlefields and wargaming conventions I would like to take in. Needless to say, your ramblings have been very useful and noted.

I’m not familiar with Chris Durbin, but I will certainly check him out, thank you.


All the best