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Just Jack


Watch yourself pardner, those French should thank their lucky stars they’ve the good fortune to be carted around in US gear, particularly the LAVs 😉

In any case, sorry man, I could have gotten the VABs, but I chose the AMX-10Ps ’cause I liked them.

You keep sending me links to GHQ, but (I’m sure you know) that’s 6mm, and these are 10mm.  I get most of this modern stuff from Minifigs UK, and those AMXs and VABs are about $7 a pop, not including the 40% shipping.  So another platoon’s worth of three vehicles will run me about $30, and there’s just not money in the defense budget for that, particularly when I’m fine with my Legionaires driving around in AMXs, Panhards, Land Rovers, LAVs, and HMMWVs.

I like to play on the 3′ x 3′ as it’s pretty manageable, and the rules lend themselves to a smaller table.  Ivan’s own words were something to the effect of, “the game picks up at first contact, forgoing all the normal pre-battle maneuver.”  Of course, I can’t totally divorce myself from pre-battle maneuver, but that’s my failing, not Ivan’s 😉