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Nathaniel Weber

Hi Darby,

They are cool comics! The author wrote an intro for the wargaming rules and said that due to the death of his wife in the early 2000s he had stopped working on the series.

I plan on getting a bunch more infantry—I basically have a very short platoon for each side—but it will take a while, as the minis are expensive (much more so than I usually like spending on wargaming minis…) Sadly, I don’t think the vehicles are up to the same coolness level as the infantry. They are quite similar to modern vehicles and don’t have that same wow factor, sculpting wise, as the critters.

I was thinking of buying some of the more a) generic modern vehicles and b) futuristic modern vehicles to fill that slot. BTR-80s for the ILR, and a Puma IFV and modern-FV variants for the ConFed’s APCs and light armor. I plan on ordering them from Empress.

I have the Combat Patrol variant that came with the game and it looks like a very good set of small unit rules, applicable to Vietnam too. I am curious if the card-draw, QRS-on-the-card method turns out faster than rolling dice and consulting a QRS.