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Thanks for the comments chaps.

There is nothing quite like seeing these ships up close and the inspiration seeing them creates when you sit down to model them. I think of it similarly to walking battlefields, to get a sense of scale when designing an historical scenario. Reading and seeing pictures is never enough or better than experiencing the actual thing or place itself.

The anchors are indeed massive and immediately draw the eye when you see them stowed on the sides. They would most likely have been carried more horizontally in reality, but the model is a compromise between fixing them so that they are secure to be handled for wargaming whilst still capturing the look.

As well as writing the blog as a personal journal of my hobby activities, it is also intended to encourage others to get involved and have a go, as I think the more of us that do, the better the hobby becomes for everyone. So I hope these posts will inspire that kind of response and I have put together videos and tutorials to try and better explain my own techniques to share any knowledge I have gleaned, often from others. In addition I have a contact form on the blog and will attempt to answer questions speedily.