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Aotrs Commander

Moderns Release: March 2020: MT-LB (144th)

Just barely squeaking in before Hammerhead this weekend – and still being on schedule! – we have for you the MT-LB in 144th!


Direct price: £3.70

Shapeways price: $5.60 (£5.22) Link

Photos, as always, of the Replicator 2 versions.

This obviously opens the door for more MT-LB variants down the line (though I have a couple of potential commissions to do first!) That’s probably going to be next month’s aim, especially while I try and build some backlog up again.

We will be down at Hammerhead this weekend; the stars have aligned, so in addition to the 144th moderns game, I will be trotting out the first batch of the Royal Elven Army vehicles (allied with the dwarves) as they face off against the Aotrs ground force and their new Mk 2 Enrager wardroids.