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Guy Farrish

I understand the time and effort of maintaining a blog.

I don’t have a wargames blog – I have a wargames wiki – http://corrigenda.pbworks.com/w/page/16520293/FrontPage which is very infrequently updated. I do however have a writing blog which I am trying to keep much more lively, but writing about writing and doing the writing itself is chuffing hard work. (feel free to pop along to either – search for Guy Farrish Writes for the writing one – warning – virtually nothing of wargaming or military history interest).

For blogs that involve lots of photography, embedded video and factual reporting where you want to be accurate about whose game was which, I can believe it must be very time consuming.

As for reports on forums, I could imagine that some have such distinct focuses on aspects of the hobby that posting anything falling outside that narrow band will feel a bit like shouting into a void.

I like forums because they do (did?/should?) give a very broad church view of what is going on out there. I have a fairly eclectic taste (grasshopper mind?) and rapidly get bored with admiring one particular facet of the hobby to the exclusion of all others.

So to everyone who does put material up here; painting, sculpting, terrain making, game designing, playing the games, research, general thoughts about the social place and role of wargaming – thanks. I love reading them all, and should say so more often. Apologies for not doing but your efforts really are appreciated.

(Very keen on 10mm and below and boardgames!).