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That sucks. I hope all goes well in the next attempt.

Thirty something years ago I made masters of a handful of 1/285 planes for Chris Croissant of Croissant and In Service miniatures. The last one I made, and the best shape wise was an SU-24. His process was to use the master to make a lost wax mold. Then fire the mold melting out the sytrene the master was made of. Guess which mold broke during firing! The other 6 tuned out OK but crude as I was just learning. Even the half dozen missiles came out. He never produced more than the ones he sent me as samples as I needed to build up skills.

He sold the business soon after due to personal reasons and last I heard he had moved to Oregon or Washington state. I would love to get in touch and see how he is doing. He was a great guy.