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Just Jack


1035 local time
4 June 1942

It’s now 1035, and Lt Cmdr Case has re-formed a group of three Wildcats to lead the final strike of six SBD Dauntless dive bombers from VB-6 (“Bombing Six”), hoping to surpass the achievements of their compadres in Scouting Six.  They are facing a reduced Japanese CAP of two Zeros.

Wildcats swarming on Zeros for a change!

But the @#$%ers still get through…

But numbers and firepower begin to tell as Lt French pulls onto a Zero’s tail and gives him the what for…

That looks so much better!  Yes, 5 of 6 SBD Dauntlesses actually made it to the target area.

To see how the fight went, please check the blog at:

So while these guys are cruising home, we’re going to flip over to Lt Chipman leading a six-plane CAP, going up to intercept a flight of Japanese ‘Val’ dive bombers closing on the USS Yorktown.