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Just Jack

Whirlwind John – Yes Sir, this entire Midway campaign has seen some pretty poor shooting dice for the Americans.  The complexion would be much different had the Americans have simply scored on half the tail shots they took.  C’est la guerre…

Thomaston – Zero 03 will most definitely go down in flames at some point during this war 😉  And I got the idea of swapping planes to make a rookie sit from a book I’m reading, where apparently it was common for squadron, division, and flight leaders to do exactly that, whenever they felt like it.  The author conveys (from direct conversations with Marine aviators) that that’s why there is such a disparity in kills; the idea that the leaders in the squadron could fly whenever they wanted, plus the idea that juniors were their wingmen (wingmen would have an opportunity for kills later in the fight, but in the initial bounce, when most of the ‘easy’ kills were made, it was the  leaders that got the kills, then everything broke down into chaos).  You were pulling for Theisman, eh?  Why, because he’d done such a great job getting shot down and otherwise doing anything productive previously? 😉  And asking for an Ensign Thomaston is not a good idea, not the way my pilots are dropping…  Having said that, things will soon be looking up for the US aviators, on account of the following issues:

1) Specific to Guadalcanal, the Zeros are coming from Rabaul, at the edge of their operational ‘legs,’ so they don’t have fuel to maneuver as they’d like.  I will reflect this by taking away the Zero’s +1 maneuverability advantage.

2) As the war goes on, the Japanese are losing their most experienced/talented fighters and cannot replace them.  Right now what I do is I have a matrix I roll on prior to the fights to determine the skills of the Japanese pilots.  Right now it’s weighted heavily towards a preponderance of Veterans, Aces, and Natural Born Killers.  As the war goes on that matrix will be weighted the other way, towards Regulars and Rookies, getting to the point where there are no more NBKs and even Aces will be pretty much a thing of the past.

3) Soon the US will begin flying the new fighters, which vastly outperform the opposition.  The Navy will get their F6F Hellcats, the Marines will get their F4U Corsairs, and the Army will get their P-38 Lightnings.  The only aggravation there is that the Army gets the P-38s before the Hellcats and Corsairs arrive…

Kyote John – I don’t know that they didn’t hear you, they just didn’t seem to be able to do much about it.  And you guys can keep saying ‘ignore the escorts, go for the bombers,’ but you don’t seem to appreciate the difference in capability between a Wildcat with a Rookie pilot and a Zero flown by an Ace or NBK, they’re literally flying circles around them, which is why casualties have been so damn high…

So, I’ll post the last two Midway fights next week, then it’s on to KG Klink in Greece!  I’ve already played out a ten-fight mini-campaign using Chain of Command (modified), I’m sure you’re going to dig it.  It was a lot of fun and it’s really got me itching to kick off Barbarossa, but I’ve got some other projects I’ve got to take care of first.