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Many thanks all.

Me too, downloaded the first couple of versions and had high hopes. I’m not sure if Phil Barker ever completed them. There was a bit of a fuss when the very affordable hard copy came out. I lost track of HF&G after that.

I think that they are fully functioning rather than completed. I don’t think that the mechanics need much tinkering but I imagine that Phil Barker would have wanted to complete more Army Lists, especially for the important non-European armies.  I think he intended to widen them to include WW1 also, which would have been very interesting.  IIRC the fuss was that the rulebook was simply a draft version tidied up for publication and so some people who bought it had the same rules as a word doc.  I would love to see it completed along with the companion lower-level sets (three were promised, roughly one for the C18, one for first half of C19 and one for the latter half and beginning of C20).  But it must be a matter of some doubt as to if anything else will ever come out.