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Just Jack

It’s great seeing you get this campaign started, excellent!  The table and troops look absolutely fantastic, and your presentation of the battle report is absolutely top notch.

Not to pick at a fresh scab, but I’ve got to hand it to the American commander, that was quite a bit of work he pulled on ya! As you mentioned, base of fire established, scouts up to force deployment, pound it, then get the mortars going to cover 3rd Squad coming across the field (though I was looking to see how them running into the minefields was going to work out).  As you mentioned, there’s plenty to work over about support options but, for what it’s worth, given the tactical situation at hand, I think you made the right choice to fall back.  I see dark times in your future, the Americans having the ability to pop a full-up platoon down on the table for each fight, and then they had two Shermans, 81mm mortars, and engineers, too?  Hopefully you get more defensible terrain next time; yes, I know everyone will look and say “but the Americans had to cross all that open ground,” but as you saw, all that open ground meant the defensive positions were fairly obvious to the attacker, who used his tanks and mortars to handle that pretty effectively, and there’s no depth (unless you want to get into a melee/battle of attrition in the orchard or within the farmhouses themselves, but not really an option when your opponent has 100% replacement each fight).  Anyway, sorry for all that rambling, I was just taken in by your analysis.

I was inspired by your posts on Chain of Command mechanisms and tactics and so I recently revisited the rules and ended up playing a ten-game campaign (WWII, German invasion of Greece) using them (modified a bit).  I’m working on the batreps now and will begin posting in a couple weeks.

Thanks for the great report, I’m looking forward to the next one!