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Now I will have to paint around the margins of the stands, touching things up and completing bit, before finally hitting the bases with more green paint.

The shields will be the first thing to do. The front rankers get a dark green boss with a silver tip, giving the impression of a laurel wreath around the boss. They will then get a dot of red on each corner of the shield. The right most file’s shields in each block get similar treatment.

The back ranks and left/right files get a red lower tunic strip. Left file and back rank gets their pila painted. Finally, light skin tone is dotted on the front rank’s face and hands and the left/right files’ and back rank’s arms. A brown ink is applied to the legs (pooling a bit around the feet) and then they are lightly drybrushed with skin color.. Finally, the bases are touched up with the intense bright green.

We get slapped around, but we have a good time!