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Jemima Fawr

A stunning presentation as always, especially with the map views that you create to go alongside – these AARs of yours should be compiled and printed – that is an Osprey Title I would buy! Great to see Massena actually represented in his ‘chariot’ – although I think he might bridle at his movement designation of ‘supply wagon’ ….. Anyone who brings a phaeton to a fistfight has more class than that !

Cheers, that’s very kind of you.  Once I’ve made the scenario map (using Powerpoint), it’s an easy job to move the symbols around, add arrows, etc.  My ‘Christmas phone’ also takes FAR better photos in low light than my old one, so that’s going to make AARs easier… Now we just need the virus to go away so we can play some games…

As it happens, we’ve just agreed to do Aspern-Essling as our ‘Coming Out of Quarantine Game’, so I need to paint that next Austrian corps…

Re the Phaeton; I think the original intent of the ‘Massena’ rule was simply that he should move at half-speed (18 inches v 36 inches), though I thought that it might be fun to make him wheel the thing around and slightly offset the distinct advantages that the French have in this scenario.  As it happens, Massena trying to turn his phaeton around to go and fetch Durutte and Wrede and then having to turn it around again to go back to the front line was something of a comedy moment! 🙂

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