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Aotrs Commander

Postponed? So does that mean the traders that have invested £1000’s won’t get a refund or see any return on their investment. Just a big spend on stock, hotels, van hire, stand fees etc? But no way to get that money back for 12 months?

In fairness, what are the alternatives? The show MIGHT be able to refund on something like stand fees (that sort of thing might be in the negotiations), but they can’t control what the hotels and van hire (which may themselves be shutting down anyway or something), nor would holding it open (even if by the time rolls around it has not stopped being “advised,” and has become “mandatory”) necessarily mean the that enough people would turn up to buy all the stuff anyway.

(Partizan nominally warned it was going to postpone itself to nominally Other Partizan (the annoucement was going to be made on the 2nd of April, but I can’t see it going ahead now) and one of the reasons was the point that a lot of wargamers are in my and my dad’s age (i.e. 40-60+) now and thus in the high-risk category).


Let’s face it, for most of us, our whole hobby (and business, likely, in my specific case) basically just got put on involentary hold for an indefinite period, but there’s pretty much sod-all we can do about it.

I don’t like it (the entire situation and its handling by the governments, the media and the global general public straight out infuriates me, to put it as mildly as possible, because time and place), but with the situation being as it is, that’s where we are.


For what it’s worth, the traders I spoke to at Hammerhead (including Jon at GZG) were fairly philosophical about the possibility, rather than in a panic they’d go out of business. I don’t think it will have come as a surprise at this point.