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I’ve stopped work, although the construction industry is still going here in the UK. It’s become a bit controversial and soon sites might close. So I’ve been a bit isolated the last two days.

The first thing I’ve been doing is food. While everyone else was busy stripping the shelves in supermarkets I was buying military rations. I’ve got, French, Spanish, Lithuanian and British army rations. I must say the Spanish army eat well and must be one of the best ration packs around. Squid in black ink! for lunch, doesn’t get much better than that.

This is the time I was craving last year which I didn’t have. Now it seems I have bucket loads of it. Not to worry as I’ve plenty on my painting table. I’ve a few projects started, well about four I think. So I should have plenty to crack on. My 6mm Starport Scum SF project. Two fantasy projects including building my own Heroquest in 15mm. Not likely to get bored anytime soon.