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Just Jack

IJN was famous for it, eh?  I think you’re full of… curry 😉

As I mentioned above, you’re not going to see P-38s outmaneuvering in terms of turning tighter or reversing course quicker, they will simply be more effective generally with a +1 to their movement rolls.

I have one more batrep to post for Midway, plus the campaign wrap-up, probably hang them for you guys on Wednesday or Thursday.

Then I played a campaign of ten fights in Greece for Kampfgruppe Klink, WWII.  I’ll start posting those next week, two per week.

Now I’ve gone back to South Leon for my Cuba Libre blog, to finish off Operation Chunky Bandit.  It’s another campaign, and it’s off to a great start!  This past weekend was a three-day weekend for me and I had nowhere to go and nothing to do, so I managed to play a whopping fourteen (14!!!) games.  Now just gotta find time to write all these up…