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I didn’t get the Bob Marley refrence until now. That was a nice song.

Glad you found it funny. Wasn’t sure if anyone would agree with my silly humor. I have a few spare codenames incase I loose characters. The biggest hit would be not being to use the minis again, having having to sculpt a new character.

@Koyote & Jack
Since Jack makes such a big deal about his pilots missing all the time, that’s what I’m calling it.
The first two times 1LOVE shot with penalties and still rolled double 6. The third time he had a bonus dice and missed.

The mission was a total failure and 1LOVE is stump on how to proceed. Luckily they can do similar intel gathering on the Department of Land Reform.
2SEXY only had an IFAK so all she could do was go hand to hand with inprovised weapons, bandages seemed more dangerous than saftey pins or saline drops. She fumbled (double 1) so the sentry took a shot at her as she fell back, but missed.

For rules I went with another cocktail, Starport Scum + Warstory + 5Core initiative. In hind sight I didn’t need Warstory, Starport Scum’s mechanics probably works better for what I used Warstory for. Apart from the bandage attack all rolls 2SEXY made used Warstory, so 2SEXY was really playing by different rules.

Tired is enough.
I like tiny miniatures