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Thanks for sharing your tips! I actually disagree on game size/complexity though. My first big solo activity during the outbreak was a playthrough of GMT’s Holland 44, a large hex and counter Market Garden game. Not a complicated game but a lot of units on the board. As a solo player, I can be as slow as I want with a large, more complex game, go back and check rules)


I’m with Nathaniel on this.  When playing with ‘live’ opponents I find that simpler rules are better.  Not everyone can be bothered to read the rules fully, let alone grasp their meaning.  If playing solo then I can deal with the more complex stuff all by myself, in my own time, and I don’t have to keep explaining it to others.

In my mid to late teens my wargaming was mostly SPI boardgames played solo.  No-one can ever accuse SPI of writing simple rules, apart from maybe ‘The Creature that Ate Sheboygan”.  During an enforced spell of unemployment after leaving university in the late 1970s I played “War in the East” solo, to a conclusion, taking six months.  For solo the more complex the better as far as I am concerned.

Less enthusiasm, please. This is Britain.