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David Blair

I’ve been interested in these for a while now. About 10 years back I bought an irregular minis 2mm battle pack with the intention
of a DBA travel set.That was my 1st mistake,at the time I was painting 6mm Ancients and had 100s done but suddenly 300 light horse
just looked like a scouting party.

The travel set idea was shelved and all the 6mm sold off and I started buying 2mm. First on 30mm wide bases then 40mm,finally on
60mm wide bases.At roughly 1mm to a yard that gave me a unit frontage of 180 ft so my Romans were based 40 figs wide by 6 deep so
240 figs per base or a Cohort at 1:2 ratio.

Taking that as the benchmark the madness ensued. Celts,Germans and Greek troops followed then Parthians,Sarmatians and various
nomadic tribes all at 1:2. At last count I’ve around 800 bases done averaging 200 infantry and 100 cavalry figures on each.
Terrain now actually looks the part,I can never square 4 trees representing a forest to myself so I use large clumps of them.

Seeing as I’m too heavily invested in 2mm to change now these are of interest for command bases so I hope lots of folk embrace
this new range.