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Mr. Average

Well, even aside from the generic pro-3mm sentiments I’ve already expressed, I’m really thrilled to know that there are 3mm ancients out from MM now.  I have never bought their stuff myself but Roman Legion packs are a brilliant idea and as a temporarily-misassigned Classical Archaeologist, gaming with the Romans is one of the most versatile ways to go.  You had Romans versus basically everyone in the ancient world at some point or another – and frequently, Romans versus Romans!  I’ve half a mind to pick up a few legions and stage some of the battles from the Civil Wars.  It’d be a bit of a chore to do Philippi (total of 36+ legions!) but there are plenty of smaller actions that could be done, fictional or otherwise.  It might be the kick some people around the club needed to at least examine the scale as a viable one for scale wargaming.

By the way, I should say that GHQ’s TerrainMaker hex tiles are fantastic for realistic and functional 3mm scale terrain, and Brigade’s line of 2mm scale Mediterranean buildings would make superb Greek and Roman towns.  I’ve also heard positive things about Hexon-II boards for 3mm scale, but the cost to import them to the USA has so far been prohibitive.