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Thanks guys!

There was some Soviet overconfidence, but I got that straightened about right quick.  It came out lopsided, but it really took a lot of work (i.e., flying), and the Soviets did have an edge.  I had to be careful not to stall out the F5s, as they started out at a cruising speed, and the Migs came in too hot (thus the missed first shot opportunity), but combined with their power, used it to much of an advantage.

I was really impressed with the level of detail in the rules making the aircraft perform very differently, with relatively simple record keeping.

The stands don’t make for great photo ops, but they are functional, allowing one to keep track of altitude and attitude without any record keeping.  The clips allow the model to be positioned climbing or diving and simultaneously rolled if need be.  The wire in the plane is .32″ and with a little kink in it, fits tightly enough into a piece of brass tube to be positioned as needed.   For Missile Threat, the stands only need 6 altitude bands, but mine are set up with 36  1/2″ increments in 7 altitude bands.  They could be easily only a half or third as tall, and still clearly demonstrate the differing altitudes.

I’m going to try a Cold War game circa 1958 this weekend, hopefully with some gun combat to get a feel for the associated rules.