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Well, things haven’t quite gone to plan. The state of play so far is this. Iain Fury failed to complete his investigation and been captured and taken to the drilling station for interrogation.

Hess and Kim faired little better. Both are wounded and they too failed to complete their investigation. But, not all is lost. Kane and Tom are still alive. They survived their engagement and took a goon as a prisoner. They’ve also learnt from their investigation in the market that Anshan business’s are nothing more than facades, financed from the bank. Why and by whom remains a mystery.

So…..Tom goes to the money lenders and finds Hess and Kim and applies first aid. They both make it but are out of the next chapter. While Tom is doing that, Kane questions the goon and learns that Iain has been taken to the drilling station. He also finds out that the Scarlet Pimpernel is there.

The drilling station is now the place to be. Maybe him and Tom can identify who this person is and maybe rescue Iain at the same time.

First, Kane will have to come up with a cunning plan to get them in!


The oil drilling station.

The team move into the lower levels. It soon becomes apparent that this drilling station is fake and being used for something else. It seems there’s a cluster of rooms being used as cells.

Tom picks the lock of the first room then they enter.

They find a man sat on a bed. Kane immediately questions him.

“I’m Bob, They kept us prisoner here. I was part of the forward technophobe research team. Ray was the team leader, but he couldn’t handle it”.

“Buddy couldn’t handle? Buddy was one of your team?” Asks Kane

“Right, but it was Ray who couldn’t handle it and he went to pieces.” Says Bob.

“And he went to pieces?” Says Tom.

“No, Andy was the team analyst he was alright. It was Ray who couldn’t handle it, awful how he came unglued.” replies Bob

“How he came unglued?” Asks Tom

“No, Howey was solid as a rock, best computer programmer in the business. It was Ray who came unglued.” Says Bob

“And he went mad?” Asks Kane.

“No, Andy hung tough, Ray went mad. It was a miracle he survived.” Says Bob

“How he survived?” Asks Kane

“No, we lost Howey the following day when he was lobotomised.” Bob continues….. “You see…..They’re testing a mind control wave. To persuade and control people. In short, take control of the world.” He continues……

“First they tested on mice……then moved on to armadillos, dung beetles and finally giraffes. The results were encouraging at first but the human brain is far more advanced than dung beetles or mice. Well, except for maybe politicians. The human test subjects began to go crazy, insane. As their brains fell apart faster than a wet cake. They became further down the evolutionary chain than Love Island contestants”. He says.

“Come Bob, lets get you out of here”. Says Kane.

Tom picks the lock of the next cell.

“Iain! You’re alive”. Says Tom.

“I’m glad to see you, they keep us locked up down here like animals. Just look at these squalid conditions they keep us in. This jacuzzi only has three settings and the water bed is only a double and not king size.” Complains Iain.

“Just look at this muck they feed us on…..this caviar and truffles is supposed to be served fresh this is yesterday’s and this Pinot Noir is supposed to be served slightly chilled. This is room temperature!”.

“Come on Iain we are going to get you out of here, I’ve seen enough.” Says Kane.

“Not a moment too soon. They would have made me go for a swim later then a foot massage”. Says Iain. Then he looks at them inquisitively. “How did you all get in here without causing suspicion?” He Asks………..


Meanwhile…..in the stations canteen.

The Scarlet Pimpernel sat at one of the tables and looked at Martin Once.

“This isn’t the normal pizza we usually have”. Says the Pimpernel.

“No, bit of a strange story. This afternoon the phone rang and it was the Pope. He said that our cantering team had been selected for the nations cricket team and must leave for the West Indies immediately. Then the phone rang again. It was a team of wondering Italian chefs who happen to be in the area offering their services. So I had the opportunity to take them on at once”. Replies Once.

“And all that seems perfectly fine to you?” Asks the Pimpernel with suspicion.

Once thinks hard….”ugh….Yeah”he replies

“Your right…..no need for suspicion……Wait a minute….no Italian chef would make a pizza like this…..” he says throwing the piece down onto the table.

“Find these chefs…..and if they have been snooping around learning too much…..you know what happens to people that learn too much don’t you?asks the Pimpernel.

“Errrh….they get a PhD?”

“No they get eliminated”………..



They leave the room and make it back up to the surface. Bob shows them another route and they come up into the sub station. Which as it turns out to be a good advantage point. They watch the commotion outside.

“That man in the suit….I know him….he’s Director Glubbits!….He’s the Scarlet Pimpernel all long!…..we’ve been sold out….A mole inside our very own organisation. Says Kane.

What with that a goon comes around the corner and stops in front for the group.

“What are you lot doing?” He asks

“Um, we work here”. Replies Kane

“In that case carry on” he says

He goes to walk off went Kane knocks him out.

“Tom, get his cloths on and get over there I want to know what’s going on”.

Tom walks over to the truck and pretends to act natural by doing up his shoe lace. The man in the suit turns towards Martin Once.

“Is that all the research material now loaded on this truck?” Asks Glubbits

“Yes sir and all ready to depart. I’ve also packed your favourite sandwiches and those cheesey string things you like”. Say Martin Once.

“Good, I will want a spot of lunch when we get to the transmission tower. Before we starting plugging all this equipment in. Then the mind control wave will be ready and we can send out the wave and will soon have control of the world!”. Says Glubbits

“Just imagine Martin. A world where Wives and kids do what they are told. A world where you can persuade a politician to do anything without the need to bribe. But first we will stop off at J’s bar for a spot of brunch. Maybe some squid in ink tapas and a Pina Colada”. Says Glubbits.

Tom returns to the others and reports to Kane with what he just heard.

“We need to destroy that truck before they are able to get to the transmission tower and plug in the equipment. Quick let’s take that blue 4×4” Says Kane.

The team moves off across the compound as they watch the trucks leave. When they are spotted by a goon who raises the alarm.



The break out was relatively quick. All the goons miss their their shots. Kane takes down the first goon on a double five. The goon on the roof top gets suppressed just before Bob, (who I gave goon status) finishes him off. Iain moves in on the last goon for a brawl. They have a good fight and a grapple but Iain doesn’t do as well as I would of thought despite his bonuses. Bob moves to help Iain, but doesn’t roll enough on movement so has to stop halfway for a breather. Kane however activates and moves to finish off the goon which Iain was grappling with. Tom didn’t do a thing. Just missed a few shots.



So now the team takes the 4×4 and chases after Once and Glubbits. So I’ll get that final AAR up soon. Stay tuned…..