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Just Jack

Thanks, Gaz, I’m happy to hear that.  Fight #3 will go up Sunday evening, trying to keep myself to a steady release of two batreps per week.

“The German attrition rates in their non-coms is grim………..gives credence to a mythical survivor like Steiner.”
Indeed!  I was just chatting about that with another gamer. When I list the casualties and their experience/accomplishments (“…veteran of Poland, France, and Greece, awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class…”), it’s not out of sentimentality, it’s simply illustrating what the Germans are actually losing, how the dude made it through all of that other stuff and still wound up… kaput.

The whole “Kampfgruppe Klink” thing of following this unit through the entire war was 1) because if you wanted to go all the way from September ’39 to May ’45 you had to do Germans, and following a group of characters, I really wanted to see if anyone could actually make it through the entire thing.  It’s not looking good 😉