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A couple more progress shots. I didn’t much care for the provided sails since they didn’t fit well and I think the printing is just too heavy. So I scratched ’em. These shot show the home made sails–TBH, I’m kind of iffy about them. Especially now that I see them close up. The square sails and the spanker turned out OK. But the foresails didn’t turn out well. I used light card for most of the sails but regular 20# paper for the foresails. They’re not strong enough and curled too much as I painted them. I wanted to use paper so I could fold them in half and run the stays along the fold inside. I couldn’t even get them to sit right on the stays! Next time they will be card like the rest of the sails.

I don’t think I can procrastinate any longer. Have to make a decision regarding the ratlines.

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