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No worries Mike.

#2 is here!

This week in the second episode of the Madaxeman Podcast Lockdown Specials the intrepid band of non-adventurers chunter on about topics as diverse as Ancient Britons, the merits and inherent risks of ordering Strippers online, how historic family bereavements can get in the way of wargaming, beer festivals in your bedroom, the psychology of Dremel-denial, whether Challenger 2000 or Shock of Impact was the most complex historical ruleset ever produced, choosing armies for non-competitions, Norman shields, and the age old question, what might be the crappest thing on eBay right now?

There is also the start of a brand new regular feature, Andy Finkel-kel-kel-kel’s brand new Weekly Quiz (with it’s own theme tune)!

Sit back, dip your paint brush in your water pot (try to avoid the coffee..) and enjoy.

Makes me wish I’d been hit in both ears, not just one eye at the battle of Corsica in 1758” : Lord Horatio Nelson


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