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Just Jack

Thanks John, my pleasure!  Yeah, luck was certainly on my side, the bridgehead was threatening to turn into a bloodbath.  Fortune favors the… solo player? 😉  Just kidding, I swear I wasn’t cheating!

The very interesting piece to this is that my playing out the entire war is not going to be one of those things where my ‘team’ wins every tabletop fight but the Germans still lose the war; just as the Germans suffered very few setbacks in ‘real-life’ prior to the Soviet winter counteroffensive in December 1941, the opposite is true from July/August 1943.  I can see KG Klink still winning its share of tabletop fights, but ultimately it will be losing as it will HAVE to lose the overall campaign, which will mean whole strings of ass-whoopings for the Germans.  The trick is going to be doing that without getting every single character killed.  Or is it? 😉