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Just Jack

Hey, thanks guys, I’m glad you’re enjoying the fights!

Gaz – Yes, that’s been a point of emphasis of mine, which I’ve primarily attacked by not giving the Commonwealth troops as many Command Dice as the Germans, but also seeing them have less heavy weapons/vehicles.

Darby – Very true about the MGs, though I’d say the mortars should have/could have handled things quite a bit better, and if I had to count someone as having let the team down, it would be them.  And the 2-pdr ATGs, which I thought were going to be a lot more troublesome than turned out.  But I promise you the panzers are not invulnerable 😉

Thuseld – A break?  No time soon! 😉  The 2-pdrs are doing what they can, but ultimately they’re still really only pop-guns.  They are kinda funny looking, in terms of the way their wheels come off for them to deploy.