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That looks like a very practical and successful jig, Vol. Looks to be cut out of some sort of … hard board? the finished product appear quite serviceable, too.

Meanwhile, work continues at the autodidact ship yard. Two more vessels painted and ready for rigging. These things are enjoyable to paint–if you’re into that! This will be a French brig to balance out the earlier British one and of course I couldn’t pass up Pellew’s (Hornblower’s boss) ship the ‘ole Indy. Notice I haven’t attached the masts yet. Looks like the HMS Indefatigable is in the process of being dismasted. I’m intending on stinging the lifts and perhaps a few of the stays before gluing in the masts. Unless something else comes up stringing the brig will start tomorrow after cleaning up the masts a bit.

BTW, when was it appropriate for a British ship to fly the Union from the foremast peak? I keep seeing paintings of ships flying a small Union there but I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some sort of etiquette involved.



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