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Just Jack


The fight had way too much armor/vehicles altogether, but the French did well because the terrain was way too constricted for armor to be effective.  In the north, climbing the hill wouldn’t have given the Sirellist forces there any better LOS to the French forces/SAM site then they had in the field (the bridge itself didn’t block LOS), and they couldn’t have seen anything to the southwest due to all the trees.  The only real option to do anything different was to move south down the road, link up with the southern Sirellist force, and push west from there.  In my opinion that would have failed too as there simply wasn’t room to maneuver, there simply would have been twice the vehicles moving up the same constricted road.

Similarly, in the south, the T-55 could have climbed the hill to its east, but it couldn’t have gone hull-down due to all the trees on the hill, so moving to the hill would have left it just as exposed to the French ATGM in the walled farm in the southwest (which is what did him in on the road just twenty meters west of the hill).

“The Sirellist BMP infantry could have crossed the fields on foot to the walled orchard and put the French in a very sticky situation…”  They tried this, but ended up splitting their forces (decision via die roll), and though they took up positions which could have been mutually supporting, it didn’t really work out that way due to the Legion’s aggressive maneuvering: the Panhard rushed up and stuck his snout into the orchard and blasted the Sirellist infantry there until they withdrew to the northeast corner, while one of the LAVs charged to the river and deposited Lt Bisson’s troops there, where they wasted no time in getting across, pouring enfilade fire into the other Sirellist squad, then close assaulting them to extinction.

“…while the BTR infantry could have maneuvered to punish the French right flank and rear.”
I’m not following you here though.  In the south, the Sirellist infantry were very aggressive, eliminating Lt Harpin’s squad and one of the AMXs, but, due to command confusion (lack of activation cards and points) were unable to coordinate simultaneous attack with the BTRs.  By the time the BTRs were ready, the French had counterattacked, destroying one of the enemy rifle squads and causing the other to fall back suppressed.  The BTRs were not going to attack without infantry support (such as it was), and so their attack was delayed until the last Sirellist rifle squad was able to rally.

My question is, how could they have punished the French right flank and rear?  With very limited room to maneuver, I thought the French blocking force (at the SW intersection) was situated perfectly to deny the flank; the only way the Sirellists could get at them was a frontal attack (which they tried and lost).

Thanks for taking a look, and I appreciate the comments.  Take care man.