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I don’t think the Comanche example is meaningless.  They were the most horsey of the plains people.  They got the horse first.  They took to guns and then gave them up because of the relative effectiveness of bow and firearms.  Guns are great, easy to use, no long training needed and they do a lot of damage armour or not if they hit the target.  But, they were slow and cumbersome hence the revision because they were already trained archers.

Bashkirs might not have been in the same political league as the Tartars but they were both steppe peoples who shared a horse and bow culture.  Firearms become more popular but they seem to have used them as they would a bow.  I cannot recall Tartar cavalry ever using the wall of lead methods of Russian cavalry.

Is there a point where we can say that Tartar lads were no longer trained as horse archers?