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Took some photos of the latest prints before I dashed out of the house for work this morning:

Dollhosue and Sph69 truck

D and 69

The Dollhouse turret printed perfect, but then after sanding down the support nubs I dropped it and broke the top missile box cover on the right side.  DOH!  Also, the roof canopy rails for the Sph69 didn’t print, so I used twisty-tie wire again.  Since the Sph69 is the basis for the Nutcracker in the canon of Ma.K  I just scooped out the sides and rejiggered the turret hole.  Nothing fancy.  I’ll be making PKA and AFS suit-rack inserts as well as cargo ones.

Size comparison shot:


I also reprinted both types of SandStalkers, but with thicker bottom lips.  This kept them from scalloping during printing like the one above shows along the bottom edge.

Here’s the Dollhouse vs other vehicles so far:


If I was smart I would have taken that with them laid out orthogonal with the grid on the mat…


Next up: the flyers and tank turret for the DH chassis.

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."