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Just Jack

Kyote John – Yeah, it’s an ugly campaign for the good guys…

Whirlwind John – Thanks buddy, and the deployment ‘system’ has been fun and interesting, at least from my standpoint.  I didn’t figure Hill 227 would have played that prominently in the game (the bridge was always going to be the decisive point, I think), and it does feel a bit like cheating when you’re playing solo and you get to ambush the hell out of your ‘opponent’ like that…

I can tell you there will be different tactical flavors to the campaigns; for example, while these Allies are sort of slapped together and fighting haphazardly, you won’t see that sort of thing from the Commonwealth in Italy and Caen.  They would have gotten over the bridge, taken their time consolidating the bridgehead (augmented by the fact Shermans and Churchills are faster than A10s and Matildas, as well as trucks or half tracks for the infantry), then push ahead methodically.  Probably start with a CoC dice too, for a 25-pdr stonk right off the bat.

On a side note, I finally got up the gumption to order French and Austrian armies from Baccus… but they’ve closed down the shopping cart!!!

Gaz – Absolutely, that’s exactly how the feel of this campaign should be as that’s exactly how I understand it to have been.

I’m thinking when I get to Barbarossa that Soviet infantry in the defense will be pretty lethargic, while their vehicles run around like chickens with their heads cut off, while both infantry and vehicles dash straight ahead in waves on the counterattack.

I’ve got an order in to Pendraken to get me all I need for Barbarossa.