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That’s exellent, the dollhouse turned out great I think I must say I’m very much looking forward to seeing the IMA and SDR go at it at some point ^^

  Thank you sir, I do appreciate it!

We have played a couple of battles online using tokens and to test the rules.  They are clunky but give the feel of the old boardgame rules of the 80’s while having a little bit more detail and an RPG-lite add.  The poor PKA are really no match for the AFS if they can’t survive to close the range, but the Nut really makes a difference, dang lethal!  Having air assets can really help.  One game there was a PK41 spotting for the single Nutcracker out there, and it alone accounted for over half the IMA force with it’s long range lazer! (120cm vs AFS 80cm).

Once i have at least the forces we are currently using done up I will post some photo AARs of missions we have run so far.  The going is slow though…

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."