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NKL Aerotom

Been a while since I’ve had a chance to do much work on this, what with university and the current virus lockdown. Without playtesting to motivate me to get a new version of the rules ready every 2 weeks, I’ve been working on other projects instead (namely a piano concerto and some uni assignments).

Over the last week I’ve been thinking about ways to potentially streamline the detection and spotting system, perhaps having 3 levels of “Situational Awareness” that will determine what can be detected and attacked. Now that the rules are functioning and we’ve done some tests, I think the detection and some of the tracking systems such as the detailed casualties tracking are a bit much, so I’ll look at scaling them back – perhaps down to a simple tally sheet for casualties.

Having some distance from the rule set allows me to think about my original intentions with the game, and if the current rules are serving that vision. I imagined a clear, clean game with plenty of friction, with the players attempting to struggle control back from chaos (coming from the rules themselves, and the opponent). I definitely think I have a way to go to achieve this goal, although many of the systems are working very nicely so far.

Hope everyone reading stays safe in this time and is able to get some painting done, or even some solo gaming or getting some roll20 / VASSAL / tabletop simulator games in.