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I think it looks a touch small, and the radome on the front should smooth into the cylinder a bit more so it’s more like a smooth rise in the front instead of an applied “bump” on the surface.

  Ya, I’m with ya, I think I have the top of the hull too high, but can’t mess with that without redoing the whole hull.  I think the turret could be 1mm taller.  Doing the radome like so was a conscious decision after some testing.  When blended more it tended to look like a printing error and do weird fractal things at the edges.  I once hand-made a model of the DH in 1/76 (before buying a Wonderfest kit) and it is waaaaay easier to get to look right by hand!  I do sort of like it having some definition though, will make painting a bit easier and adds a touch of character to my eye.

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."