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Darkest Star Games

Thanks guys!  I do need to add just a little to the bases, these were all a rush job way back when…

Here are some example LVT5P.  I have a whole company’s worth…

On the far left you can see my hand-made PBR Street Gang.  Luckily O8 have come out with one of their own and it it lovely.  I’ll have to do a comparison.

The amtrak with the H on the cylinder is supposed to be a How-6 105mm support version, the battery having B, D, and H markings.  The one with the Star was the HQ, and the one with the boom is a greeblie to make it a Recovery track (which is different from the engineering tracks with the dozer blade and upper bar, which I lost or were swipped…).

Though thin skinned, they were a workhorse for the Jarheads for a couple of years until they were more comfortable with helos.

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."