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Fascinating game and report. How do the rules compare to the Polemos ones for the ECW? Different wars I know and some differences but overlapping periods and similar equipment and tactics.

They are very, very different.  I started tapping out the differences, but there are so many that they are probably worth a full blogpost of their own!

Is your intention to fight the whole thing!?

Yes.  To save my sanity I am probably going to impose a higher threshold for action than in my refights of the English Civil War and the Peninsular War, but the idea is to do the lot.  What is likely to make the thing more doable is that there is every chance that one side or other will win before the 30 years are up!

The main question for me is more, when?  I have started my refight of the Gallic Wars and I daresay that will take a few months.  After that, I may do another Napoleonic campaign before tackling this one.