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Just Jack

Ha, that’s great John, I love it!  As always, you’re certainly welcome to take whatever I’ve got and do with it how you please, that’s why I post.

A pretty cool fight, and I thought it extraordinarily interesting that it turned out the same!  Certainly you using the same deployment and scheme of maneuver helped that occur, but still, very interesting.  The only real difference I caught was your German rifle platoon attacking the big hill in the bottom right being beaten back; I thought it poetic justice that the Vickers were unable to do it, but then I didn’t let my British mortars fire on that German platoon as I figured they were too close (certainly within ‘danger close’ of hitting the Vickers, but I mean within the minimum distance for the mortars to engage), so that wasn’t an option in my game.

In any case, a great fight, and I hope to see more of them!  Now slow down, I can’t keep up!  It looks like you posted four batreps today, including this one, so I’ve got to find some time to work through the rest of them!