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The only real difference I caught was your German rifle platoon attacking the big hill in the bottom right being beaten back; I thought it poetic justice that the Vickers were unable to do it, but then I didn’t let my British mortars fire on that German platoon as I figured they were too close (certainly within ‘danger close’ of hitting the Vickers, but I mean within the minimum distance for the mortars to engage), so that wasn’t an option in my game.

Yes, I think there may have been a few small but telling differences in the terrain set-up and the distances involved in using 6mm troops rather than 10mm for this kind of thing between the two games.  The other one for me in using WRG is that infantry are pretty much invisible at over 500m no matter what they do.  So before the Germans could effectively bring their mortars to bear on the hill, they had to wait until another element with a radio saw them, or they were in contact with a unit which had seen them (IIRC it was the flanking Stug which spotted them in the end, who could communicate that with Klink who then brought his mortars on).