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Tony S

Obviously I am not wearing my mask tightly enough, as I seem to also be infected with your malaise as well!  The quite odd thing is that although my work is “essential” and I’m still putting in 40 hours per week, I’ve been painting like a madman.  (For me, at any rate).  Carried away with this sudden spurt of productivity, I’ve been toying with adding another project into the waiting list, even though like yourself, I have tons of uncompleted or semi completed projects already in storage.

I wonder if this is because we’re all looking forward to the lifting of restrictions so we can indeed get together with our friends.  I know I have a lot of pent up desire to play a few games that I’m painting up figures for.   (Clash of Spears and Pikeman’s Lament for the morbidly curious).

The saddest thing about me is that when I read your post Brian, and I saw your wonderful collection of 1/72 1930s cars, of which I never knew even existed, I instantly thought that they would be fun to collect and modify for a game of Mad Maximilian!  I don’t even own the rules!

And I quite like your music lyrical mining for your blog post titles.  Appropriate and fun!