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John Taylor

Thanks, and good to see you Darkest Star – I’m still looking forward to those new trucks!

Those houserules?

  • Any personal items and friends acquired in the Borderlands are of no use in the Blight.
  • Because the terrain, flora and fauna are so different, “Tracking”, “Foraging” and “Pathfinding” skills must be re-acquired by any characters not native to the Blight.  Until they are, tracking and foraging will be more difficult than presented in the MRB.
  • Carousing is more difficult (due to language barriers and general distrust of outsiders.)
  • New trade items include waterskins (common worn item) and lodestones (must roll doubles on the rare item roll to purchase, packed gear)
  • I’m using the enemy leader rules from the MRB rather than the supplement (which was written during 1st ed.)  Only the highest level enemy leader in an encounter (when there are more than one) can become a ‘recurring rival’
  • I’ve tweaked the village events a bit
  • War Spear and pistol may be used from horseback at full effect, other quality weapons count as standard from horseback (again, BL dates to 1st ed. and needed a bit of updating.)
  • Before setting out to look for trouble I have to roll for ‘wasteland conditions’ – if they’re in effect (think ‘heatwave’/Santa Anna winds/etc.) any figure that doesn’t have a waterskin must test to avoid an injury table roll after the encounter.
  • At the very end of a day spent doing anything other than staying in town, I have to roll against getting lost (unless I have a lodestone.) If I get lost each figure risks losing a random item (cast off as they stagger across the endless flats) and I can’t take any town actions the next day.