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Just Jack

Kyote – I’m pretty comfortable with how I handled the Matilda II: it could only be ‘tracked’ from the front (on a 1 in 6 chance, which may be high but is all I can do with a D6-based system), and could only be penetrated from point blank range from the flank, which is exactly what happened.  What I’m worried about is that I allowed the Matilda Is to be penetrated from the front at battle range by the German 37mm guns, and that probably shouldn’t have occurred.  Can’t change it now in any case, I played these games over a month ago…

Vicki – Indeed you do!  But good to ‘see’ you, nonetheless!  Regarding the trucks and dismounting, from my standpoint, they (the engineer platoon) was trying to seize an objective and thus taking a calculated risk, remaining mounted as they were not under fire themselves.  I’m sure if they started getting hit they would have immediately dismounted; certainly more cautious commanders may have had them dismount at the line of departure (for my purposes the table edge) and walked in, but the plan was for them to make a dash for the village, and that’s what they did.  The Stuka attack really made sure they didn’t take any fire from the British, luckily for them.  Unfortunately, seeing way too much of the Commonwealth surrendering figures…

On a side note, it’s funny running into you here, I’ve recently been spending time over on your blog again, re-reading all your Ambush Z posts.  It seems my boys (10 and 5) want me to buy them some figures for some zombie games.  Looks like it’s happening…

Gaz – Yes Sir, it got ugly quick, and now it’s pretty much every man for himself.  The German armor has gotten into their rear and now it’s a mad dash to see who, if anyone, can  avoid getting bagged.