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Just Jack

Darby – Sure, anything could happen 😉  But if I were you, I’d be more with Kyote:
“The poor Brits will soon be kicked out of Greece and headed to Crete.”

It was inevitable; that’s not to say that KG Klink couldn’t have lost their campaign, or even battles in their campaign, they could have, they just didn’t.  Probably because of my excellent leadership and tactical decision making, but that’s neither here nor there 😉

In the overall scheme of things, the Commonwealth troops were always going to lose Greece, as I’m not looking to change the course of WWII, I’m just looking to play out plausible fights within it.  So KG Klink can lose fights or even the campaign, and the war will still go the way it did historically, but because the Germans won historically the tabletop fights and campaign are weighted towards that happening, too.  The same will be true once the war turns against the Germans.