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Just Jack

Thanks, John.  Yes, the Luftwaffe has made quite an impression during this campaign, which is some down to the Germans being qualitatively better (which has them rolling one more Command Dice than the Commonwealth troops, and thus gaining more opportunities) and some down to just plain luck in the Command Dice rolls, which have resulted in the Germans getting a “CoC Dice” not just every fight, but pretty early in every fight as well.  Oh, and some of it is down to the fact I’m playing solo and thus the ‘CoC Dice’ is only being used for supporting fires, vice other things that are possible in the rules as written, but don’t really work for me playing solo.

Regarding the Carrier Platoon getting caught still mounted, well, I dunno man.  I mean, it’s rather unfortunate here as it’s the good guys getting caught out by the bad guys, but in the overall scheme of things, it’s not a bug in the system of the rules, it’s a feature, and I’m a fan of it (much as I am with the 5Core activation system, for the same reason).  You can read throughout history, all the way up to the very present, about a force being surprised and handled roughly, but you very rarely see it in tabletop games because the player can see everything that’s happening and most rules allow the player to move all of his troops every turn.  I understand the idea that some rules allow you to move all your troops each turn, and then you roll dice for combat, and then if one side does exceedingly poorly you can comment to yourself that ‘well, they must have been surprised,’ or ‘I guess they weren’t able to form square before the cavalry charged,’ but I prefer rules Chain of Command, IABSM, and 5Core, which limit what the player is able to do with his forces and thus result in situations where you could see the disaster coming but simply couldn’t do anything about it.  Well, that’s not true either, you always get to do something, just maybe not what you wanted to do, or maybe not enough to stave off the disaster.

What happened here the British were already down a Command Dice, then started losing more of them as their Force Morale dropped from losing other units so rapidly.  I don’t recall exactly where they were at that particular point in the game, but they were probably down to only three Command Dice per phase, maybe only two!  So you roll your two or three dice and maybe you roll poorly (say a 1, a 5, and a 6, which allows you to activate one team/vehicle with the ‘1,’ gets you another tick for your CoC Dice with the ‘5,’ and rolling a single ‘6’ is simply a waste of a dice, so in that phase all you got to do was activate a single team or vehicle) and can’t do much.  Stuff happens, as they say, and for me that is a much truer representation of combat at this level, or at least my expectation of it.

In any case, I appreciate the comments, and I’ll post the next one tonight or tomorrow night.  Then it’s one more week to go, the last two fights coming up next week, almost done with Greece.