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Check out some youtube “how to” videos on slinging. You can pick up the basics — enough to get the stone downrange and not be a danger to yourself or your comrades — in an afternoon.

When people think “slingers”, they immediately glom onto the legendary Balearics and their ability to hit a flea on a hare’s ass at five hundred paces. But the sling was probably a weapon almost every rural boy knew how to use to one degree or another.

A bit like today’s slingshot: pretty much every American kid has owned one at one point or knew someone who did. I can still operate a wrist rocket, for example. If all I have to do is throw shot into (just for comparison’ sake – not advocating this, mind you) a line of riot police to piss them off, I can do that. Just don’t ask me to kill any pigeons for the dinner pot.

We get slapped around, but we have a good time!