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Mark Morin

This looks like a great start to your project! Meso-american warfare has always been fascinating to me. Your planned supplement might be perfectly timed, as I understand Wargames Atlantic is beginning to do a set of Aztec and Spanish in 28mm hard plastic. No idea when they’ll appear. Hope your job search – when things get back to normal – goes well. And maybe the NHL post season will be cancelled so you don’t have to see the Leafs beat the Bruins.

Thanks Tony!  I did see that about Wargames Atlantic – and I liked what I saw, but as they were not out yet I bought a lead mountain (maybe  just a hill) from Badger of Outpost and Wargames Foundry stuff – plus I have a ton of old Ral Partha and others that I might paint and use (if the 25mm scale is close enough to 28mm).  Appreciate the kind words on the job.  As for the Bruins, this year’s team has been phenomenal.  But the Leafs???  At least you’re better than the Habs!  But you have a point, have had no playoff disappointments (though no thrills either).


Thanks for looking – there will be more!