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I have nothing to show yet but most of the figures and vehicles I’ve gotten so far are from the Darkest Star Spec-Sec range. I’m going for a Japanese-style Ghost in the Shell-inspired setting: quite sleek and “mech-y”, without some of the more zany elements typical of Western-style cyberpunk (so no flying cars, detectives in 1940s noir attire, trenchcoat cyborgs, or katana-swinging “cyber-ronin”, which really is more of a Western conception than a Japanese one). The Spec-Sec figures are perfect for this. At some point I’d like to get some 15mm figures with a more Western cyberpunk vibe as well, but I haven’t settled on which ranges to source them from yet. I do like the Khurasan offerings, though.

For terrain, I’m slowly scratchbuilding a fairly simple set-up of giant pillars, buttresses, pipes and other elements which I mainly imagine as representing the lower, infrastructural parts of a giant artificial island or arcology in Tokyo Bay. This concept shows up sometimes in manga, anime and Japanese videogames. My main source of inspiration is the Babylon Project / The Ark from the Patlabor setting (not cyberpunk, I know, but still a futuristic Tokyo). It helps that I can also use this terrain with many of my other sci-fi projects, even in other scales. I’m also meaning to scratchbuild an underground concrete-and-steel tunnel network which will be similarly multi-purpose in regard to scale and sci-fi settings. An actual 15mm cyberpunk cityscape with streets and buildings is something I do want as well, but that’s a more ambitious project and will have to be on the back-burner for now, especially as I hate using buildings that look undersized which disqualifies many of the offerings on the market.