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Just Jack

Yeah, sorry guys, I really didn’t even want to post this one, but it was part of the campaign, so…  Absolutely nothing went right for the Allies (minus the short bit of inaccuracy by the German mortars), and it really didn’t feel like it could have gone any other way, due to the force composition of each side and the way I was doing the defender’s deployment.

Seeing as how I’m playing solo, maybe I need to work out a way to make it more difficult for myself when I’m playing the defense; I typically have problems when I’m solo-playing as the defender; when I’m tied into fixed positions I tend to slaughter the enemy in solo games, no matter what era/theater I’m playing.  I’m really not sure how to change that, so what I typically do to make defensive games interesting is have the attackers coming from an unanticipated direction so my defenders have to maneuver in order to meet the threat.

Deephorse – It’s not a missile, I actually have some of those and you’ll see them in the next campaign I’m going to post 😉  It is a short section of orange pipe-cleaner that I use to show firing, sort of like tracers, in order to aid the reader in understanding who is shooting and who is being shot at.  Guess it’s not working…